Apple’s commitments towards clean energy

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Apple has unveiled its expanded initiative to make its global supply chain more environmentally friendly. Over 300 manufacturers have committed to using 100 percent clean energy for Apple production by 2030. This ambitious goal is supported by more than 50 suppliers across the U.S., Europe, and Asia. These efforts account for over 90 percent of Apple’s direct manufacturing expenditures. The aim of these commitments is to help Apple achieve its target of being carbon neutral for all its products by 2030.

Apple has already achieved carbon neutrality for its global corporate operations since 2020 and is now focusing on reducing emissions by 75 percent by the end of this decade. Apple is committed to powering it with 100 percent clean energy.

In 2022, the renewable electricity in Apple’s supply chain reached 13.7 gigawatts, preventing 17.4 million metric tons of carbon emissions.

Through these environmental initiatives, Apple has reduced its overall emissions by over 45 percent since 2015. Apple continues to invest in Eco-friendly approaches, including low-carbon product design, recycling technologies, the Restore Fund, and $4.7 billion in Green Bonds.

Apple has unveiled its inaugural carbon-neutral products within the brand-new Apple Watch collection. Groundbreaking design and the integration of clean energy have led to significant emissions reductions, with each carbon-neutral Apple Watch showcasing a remarkable 75 percent decrease in product emissions.

Source: Apple News

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