What Indian wants from Apple’s Upcoming Scary Fast Event on October 30, 2023

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 'Scary Fast' Event on October 30, 2023
What Indian want from Apple’s Upcoming ‘Scary Fast’ Event on October 30, 2023

The release of new Macs product has been swirling for some time now, and it appears that these rumors may indeed hold some truth. Recently, the tech giant based in California, Apple, unveiled its forthcoming October event, intriguingly titled ‘Scary Fast’.

The ‘Scary Fast’ event is scheduled to take place on October 30, with the local time in California. For viewers in India, this event will be accessible on October 31, a Tuesday, at 5:30 AM. Online discussions and rumors suggest that Apple is poised to reveal the highly anticipated new iMacs and MacBook Pros during this event.

earlier report, which featured insights from Mark Gurman, a respected journalist at Bloomberg. Gurman’s report hinted at the possibility of a 24-inch iMac and updated iterations of the MacBook Pro making their debut later this month. Therefore, it is widely speculated that Apple will choose the ‘Scary Fast’ event as the platform for these unveilings.”

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