Be Alert! Fake iPhone 15 Pro Max Scam

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Be Alert! Fake iPhone 15 Pro Max Scam
Fake iPhone 15 Pro Max Scam

The brand new iPhone 15 series launched in September 2023 by the tech giant, Apple. As usual the scammers have make its fake versions to cheat the product lovers. Now, the new scam about fake iPhone 15 Pro Max is spreading very highly in the India. This product’s counterfeit copies (made in china) is very popular among the people whom attract the iPhone specially in today’s online marketplace. So, it is very important of raising awareness about these scams. So let’s know about the scam. I hope it will help you to save from this kind of scam.

When Apple launched its iPhone 15 series its demand raised flawlessly. There are also many authorised seller like Apple Store, Amazon, Flip-kart etc. But the phone is very costly (top model cost is approx 2 Lakhs) so scammers made its counterfeit copies. It looks same in packing, colour, inside products, dimension, weight, when phone on it shows Apple logo, type C cable etc.

Common tactics and techniques used by scammers

  • Use of social media like Telegram Group, Whats App Group, Instagram etc.
  • Scammers use words like deal, 50% off, unbelievable deal, iPhone in only 10K, iPhone 15 Pro Mak in only 30K etc.
  • They also portray the matter that this product is directly from other countries and any type of story.
  • Attacked on Human psychology.
  • This Fake product can be available in foreign countries also.

How to spot counterfeit iPhone 15 Series Models

  • When use Apple Map it shows Google Map.
  • This phone will hang and not function smoothly.
  • All Camera will not work.
  • Can be judge through camera quality.
  • Only purchase through authorised seller.
  • Documents, Images etc share option will be like Android Phone.
  • Fake iPhone Bazzel will not be same as original iPhone, It will be some thin.

Protecting Yourself from Fake iPhone 15 Scams

  • Verify the authenticity of the website or source
  • Check for secure payment options
  • Be cautious with incredibly low prices
  • Trust reputable review sources

Reporting Cyber Scams

  • Help Line: 1930


As these fake iPhone 15 Pro Max units, largely manufactured in China, gain popularity, it becomes increasingly crucial to shed light on the perils of such scams and safeguard consumers from falling victim.

Apple’s iPhone 15 series stirred unparalleled demand upon its release, leading to an influx of authorized sellers through platforms like the Apple Store, Amazon, and Flipkart. However, the steep price tag, especially for the top-tier models approaching approximately 2 lakhs, presented a lucrative opportunity for scammers to craft convincing imitations.

While the allure of discounted prices may be tempting, it’s essential to exercise caution, verify the authenticity of the seller and product, and opt for trusted and established retail channels. By being vigilant, consumers can navigate the treacherous waters of counterfeit products, protecting both their hard-earned money and their trust in the marketplace.

Please share any personal experiences or insights related to fake product scams.

Be Alert!

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