How Passkeys are different from Password?

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Passkeys, a collaborative effort by tech giants like Microsoft, Google, and Apple, simplify account logins by eliminating the need to remember and enter passwords, offering increased security.

A password is a secret combination of characters, like letters and numbers, used to access a secure account or system, ensuring only authorized users can gain entry.

What are passkeys?

A passkey, a longer and more secure alternative to a username and password, operates in the background using public-key cryptography, with public keys stored in the cloud and private keys on your device.

Where you can use passkeys?

– PayPal – Shop by Shopify – Instacard – KAYAK – Robinhood – Adobe – Tailscale – GitHub – TikTok (on iOS) – Best Buy – Cloudflare – eBay

Devices that are compatible with passkeys?

Tech giants collaborated to create passkeys based on FIDO and W3C standards. iPhones with iOS16+ sync passkeys via iCloud Keychain, authenticated by Touch ID or Face ID, while Android users can use passkeys with Google Password Manager, requiring a screen lock setup.

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